laser-reviewThere are a lot of laser machine companies to review and so this post is simply a review of some of the more popular (or maybe notorious in some cases) laser retailers that find their way on top of the search engines. So, this is simply a matter of opinion solely based on my own personal experience, but more so based on the general consensus of the laser customer base found across the web.

Epilog Laser – Very proud of their laser machines made in the USA. They are based out of Colorado and have mostly CO2 and fiber laser machines prices range from $8k with steppers to $50k servo motor driven lasers.  They are at the upper end of the market. By that I mean their laser cutter/engraver prices are bit pricey obviously.  Nonetheless, you get a well refined laser machine in return in terms of size and speed.  Most of their engravers are equipped with servos..but in some cases depending on what you’re doing servo motors may be over kill.  See Epilog Laser reviews and tube cost:

Universal Laser – Similar to Epilog they utilize metal co2 tubes that are air cooled, but unlike Epilog they outfit their machines mainly with stepper motors and flying optics as well. Actually, the link below has a forum review.

Full Spectrum Laser – Not real familiar with this company. They operate out of Las Vegas starting around 2010.   Their most discussed laser machine on forums seems to the 20×12″ hobby laser that they have “assembled in the US” – which probably means its not manufactured in the U.S.  What’s nice is that their imported CO2 glass powered tube keeps the price at around a mere $3,500.  However, their “Muse” is a stout $5K minimum!  A quick review of FS Laser and you’ll find out quick that they’re proud of their own home software as well.  Also, FS has ventured into a popular technology and introduced an inexpensive 3D laser that has gained some traction.  As exciting as their product seems the reviews from forums leave you questioning what you might get in terms of quality or support, however.

Bodor Laser –   Looks are deceiving.  The slick China based company brochure and website seems to cover up a recent array of laser cabinet issues, component failures, and support pitfalls.  Some are happy purchasers.  But, for others what they saw wasn’t what […]